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Enrolling Your Employees

Enrolling your employees in RPB is easy.

RPB’s enrollment process is straightforward and designed to teach employees about the RPB Plan and insurance benefits throughout the process, so that they have all the tools they need for a secure financial future.

How enrollment works

We provide two retirement plan enrollment options. Employers can easily enroll their employees through the employer portal or employees can enroll themselves. The choice is yours.

Enrollment by Employer

  1. Review RPB’s eligibility policy to ensure the employee(s) you’d like to enroll meet the criteria.

  2. Enroll eligible employees at any time by logging into the MyRPB for Employers web portal and using the feature in Manage Plan Participants. See the Employer Enrollment Explainer-Step 2 for detailed instructions.

Enrollment by Employee

  1. Direct your employees to this link where they can begin the process. Read the Participant Self-Enrollment Guide for details.

If you currently offer more than one retirement plan to employees or if you currently use a different plan provider, we can help you consolidate your plans with RPB. That way, you’ll only have one plan to manage and all of your employees will have access to the same high-quality plan.

To begin the consolidation process:

  1. Contact RPB CFO Alyce Gunn at so that we can guide you through the process (if you haven’t done so already).

  2. Once we understand the nature of your existing plan we will provide you with a Plan Consolidation Guide for your type of plan and walk you through the process of switching over to RPB.

Read our Employer Enrollment Explainer for a step-by-step guide.

For enrollment materials, visit Employer Resources.

Moving your employees’ assets out of your existing plan and into RPB’s plan will take some time. But, you can begin enrolling employees in RPB immediately and they can start contributing to and managing their RPB accounts as soon as they’re enrolled. They do not have to wait for their assets to transfer from the old plan.

With most plans, you can move your employees from your existing plan to RPB at any time. If your current plan is a SIMPLE IRA, there is a specific timeframe for when you can enroll employees in a new plan. Contact our CFO, Alyce Gunn, at, if you have not done so already, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Yes! Use the Enrollment Meeting Slide Deck & Script to prepare your employees to enroll in the RPB Plan and share our robust employee resources. Additional brochures and resources can be found on the Resources and Materials page.

Talking to your board about RPB

We realize offering a retirement plan may be a big decision for you. If you or your board of directors need a concise overview of the Plan, see our RPB Facts & Features document and fund performance history. Contact us and we’ll help you think through your options and next steps.

Interested in socially responsible investing options for your congregation’s assets?

RPB’s globally diversified Reform Jewish Values Stock Fund is the only SRI fund created in alignment with our Reform Jewish values.

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