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We’ve expanded

URJ congregations can now offer the RPB retirement
plan to more employees.

Enrolling your employees in RPB is easy.

Employers who offer the RPB Plan (and no other plan):

  1. Review our Employer Enrollment Explainer.

  2. Enroll eligible employees at any time in the MyRPB for Employers web portal on the Manage Plan Participants screen.

  3. Review RPB’s eligibility policy to ensure employees you’d like to enroll meet the criteria.

Employers who offer another retirement plan (in addition to RPB):

  1. Tell us about your existing plan so that we can guide you through the process (if you haven’t done so already).

  2. Once we understand your existing plan, we will provide you with a Plan Consolidation Guide and walk you through the process of switching over your plan.

Whether you only offer the RPB Plan, or have more than one retirement plan, we realize this may be a big decision for you. We're available to help you think through your options and answer any questions.

If you or your board of directors need a concise overview of the Plan, see our RPB Facts & Features document and fund performance history. Contact us and we’ll help you think through your next steps.

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Contact our team:

Robert Perry
Director of Participant and Employer Services

For help switching from an existing plan to RPB:

Alyce Gunn
Chief Financial Officer


New Enrollment Process

Enrollment for URJ congregational employees is done directly through the MyRPB for Employers web portal. See the Employer Enrollment Explainer - Step 2 for detailed instructions.

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